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Coaching and Assessments

What is Coaching – Constance Von Huffman said, "A coach helps people understand what they need to change in order to attain their personal goals." At work and in life, the coaching function is devoted to helping a person become the best they can be in one or two key areas where they have decided they want to improve. Coaching is essentially a conversation between a coach and a client within a productive results oriented environment. It is about learning, yet a coach is not necessarily a teacher. They are more a facilitator to self-discovery, exploration and change. Coaching is an investment you have decided to make in yourself.

Our Approach to Coaching - Coaching involves a partnership of trust and respect between client and coach. We are very much equal partners and participation by both of us is the key to success. Most importantly, we want you to feel secure and comfortable with us. Only then can our coaching partnership flourish.

In our initial meeting, which takes place at a location convenient for you (e.g. your office) we will discuss what your goals are and how we can work together to achieve them. Once we understand your needs, we may ask you to complete appropriate assessments that will help in understanding you better. We will review the results of the assessments and what they mean to you. From there we will develop a plan of action on how to make and implement the improvements necessary to achieve your desired goals. This plan will include some “take away” activities for you to complete which we will review during subsequent meetings.

In subsequent meetings, either by phone or in person, we will discuss your progress, what is working and what is not, and assign additional activities until you reach your final goal.



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