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Coaching FAQs

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a professional service. Clients retain a coach in order to reach a goal or solve a problem.

Why does Coaching work?

Coaching works because the client gets the support he or she needs to make the desired change.

Why do people hire a Coach?

People hire a coach to make a change, reach a goal, solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity.

Why is coaching becoming so popular?

Coaching has become so popular because people are far less willing to "settle" for the status quo. They are prepared to risk change in order to achieve more satisfying careers and lives.

Where do the coach and client first focus their efforts?

Usually, clients already know what they want to change, resolve or accomplish, so the coaching begins right there. The coach will steer clients through a review of those goals and help develop an assessment of the real and imagined barriers that stand in the way of success.

How soon can clients expect to see results?

Usually within a day or two, their attitudes will improve, or they'll get working on something they've been stuck with, or they'll make an important change and start feeling the benefits of coaching fairly quickly. Over time, the cumulative benefits can be life-changing.

Do coaches give advice?

Yes, most coaches give advice - or at least the coach can help you expand your options in a situation.




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