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We deliver workshops that produce results and are practical, relevant and easy to apply back on the job. Our courses are lively, engaging and fun. Where appropriate we make use of assessment tools such as Personality Dimensions® Emotional Intelligence and the Myers Briggs Type Inventory®.

We offer courses in the following areas:

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Personality Dimensions® Effective Communication Skills Managing Conflict Team Building Influence Skills Work-Life Balance Client Service Excellence The Emotionally Intelligent Professional


Personality Dimensions®

In these challenging economic times, understanding yourselves and others is a crucial skill in the workplace of today. A survey conducted by the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Business School highlighted the importance of understanding and communicating with others. In their survey of over 50,000 employees, they found that communication skills and the ability to work with others were the main factors contributing to job success. Yet the reality is that we tend to connect with some people and others just rub us the wrong way. We just don’t seem to be on the same wavelength, and misunderstandings are more common. What we have just referred to is a difference in Temperament or personality. The tool that will explain these differences and help you understand yourself and others is Personality Dimensions® which is based on leading-edge research into human motivation and behaviour. It uses four colours as a memory aide to allow for the creation of a common language which helps you understand and appreciate differences amongst each other.

This workshop focuses on Personality Dimensions® and offers several benefits to both you and the organization. An organization will benefit by having improved communication, better team work and less conflict. You will benefit by:

  • Having a better understanding of yourself, your strengths and developmental needs
  • Developing a tolerance for and understanding of others who have different personalities
  • Adapting to, connecting and capitalizing on the diversity of styles within your team
  • Reducing the number of conflict situations you become involved in
  • Interacting more effectively with others
  • Influencing others in a win-win way

Effective Communication Skills

Are you finding you are having trouble getting your message across clearly and effectively?

This one day effective communication skills workshop can enhance your credibility and confidence. Enhancing these will allow you to earn respect and gain buy-in for your ideas, as well as accomplish your objectives during face to face communications.

We will teach you the skills you need to stay calm, listen effectively, be confident and assertive in all your interactions, overcome communications problems such as shyness and anger, and deal effectively with conflict.

Managing Conflict

Have you noticed how many headache and stomach medication ads there are on TV each night during the dinner hour? Well there is a very good reason for them, these products are in high demand. In this face-paced, stressful age, very few workplaces are free of conflict, and sooner or later, conflict will take its toll on you physically, emotionally, or financially. In this one day hands-on course, you will learn why conflict happens and why we need to manage it. You will determine your prefered conflict style and the 4 other styles. Learn the 6 step conflict resolution process that allows you to disagree and still reach an agreement.

Team Building

Teamwork has always been important. Now, when you are expected "to do more with less" teamwork has become crucial. Your organization may be downsizing or regrouping with significantly less resources. Or you may need to form instant project groups for exceptional circumstances. A group of people working together is not necessarily a team. How does each team develop the skills and understanding necessary to form an effective team? This workshop will help you develop the skills and knowledge that are required to turn your group into a cohesive, results oriented team.

This is a dynamic, interactive program. You will assess your own style and effectiveness as well as that of your group. Through exercises and case studies you will have the opportunity to develop your skills as a team member or team leader.

Influence Skills

In today’s leaner, flatter organizations, the ability to influence others is a critical skill. In these ever changing, complex and sometimes virtual environments, employees, regardless of their position need to be able to influence a diverse cross section of people ranging from co workers, managers, other departments and organizations.

Successful people influence others using a win-win and non-manipulative approach. This workshop will help you manage relationships effectively and use a variety of persuasive techniques to influence individuals.

Work-Life Balance

We live in an increasingly pressured environment - both at work and in our personal lives. The work environment has changed - in the 24-hour, 7-day a week society, people have to juggle responsibilities at home and in the workplace.

According to research three out of four people say they are working very hard; many say they are working as hard as they can and could not imagine being able to work any harder. The surveys also show that one in five people, including many managerial and professional workers, take work home almost every day.

This program is designed to help participants respond to the escalating expectations and demands placed upon them and develop a strategy for a better balance between their working and personal lives.

The Emotionally Intelligent Professional

In today’s challenging landscape, human skill and ingenuity will provide the critical skills required to be effective in the business world. Distinct from Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is at the root of our ability to sharpen our thinking and be successful in our interactions with others. It is also a key factor in helping us achieve our goals. Research indicates that up to half of all job success can be attributed to aspects of EQ.

This course will focus on the factors that make up Emotional Intelligence and will also focus on those skills that are key to succeeding at work. EQ can be learned. Those who lack it can acquire it and those people who already have it can enhance their EQ abilities. Through the use of an EQ assessment, participants will leave the workshop with a clear sense of their strengths and developmental needs as well as what they need to do strengthen their EQ.

Client Service Excellence

Do you have employees who have ongoing contact with both external and internal clients? Do they have telephone and face-to-face contact with clients on such issues as: complaints, inquiries, and questions? Would you like them to be more effective at interacting with clients – especially the challenging ones? Would you like them to engage the client in problem solving so that the client’s issues are satisfactorily resolved? If so this workshop is exactly what your employees need. They will develop a variety of skills to deal with even the most unique and challenging situation. The workshop will be highly interactive and participants will have opportunities to practice client service skills throughout.


® Personality Dimensions is a registered trade mark of Career/LifeSkills Resources Inc

® Myers Briggs Type Indicator and MBTI are registered trade marks of Consulting Psychologists Press Inc.


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